12 July 2017

Instructional videos

Practical driving license test has two parts. On on a training yard and second one during driving around the city.

  1. Training yard

a) Preparation to driving

You need to remember to make sure that your seat and mirrors are in the right positions and your seatbelt is fasten. Also remember that first you have to start the engine and that turn on the lights. After driving firs turn off the lights and than the engine. That protects battery from exessive exploitation.

b) Checking the level of the operating fluids

You need to point a pleace where the particular fluid is and be able to check its level. You have to remember that the engine should be cold or at least the engine shouldn’t be turn on for a while before checking the fluids.

c) A lane

Smooth running, without stopping the car. You start from appointed area (5×3 meters), turn and drive to the similar area at the end of the lane. There you have to stop the car and drive backwards to the starting area. Drive really slow without using gas pedal to have a chance to correct your track if necessary.

d) The hill start

  • The engine cannot stop
  • The car cannot rolle backwards down more than 20 cetimeters

After driving on the road elevation pull the emergency break. Push the clutch all the way down and move the gear shift into first gear. Slowly lift your foot off the clutch until you find the biting point and release the emergency break. Once you have released the hand brake, put your foot on the accelerator and proceed as normal.




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